The Matz and Bumgardner families began vacationing on Topsail Island since the late 1980’s. Peter Matz, a business leader and world traveler, was the first to discover the simplicity and beauty of Topsail and it soon became one of his favorite spots to gather with his adult children and grandchildren. After purchasing property, Peter and his wife, Barbara, completed the construction of their Topsail Island summer home in 1995.

history 150x150 HistoryRick, a building contractor from the North Carolina mountains, found Topsail Island to be the perfect place to get away with his family. After many years of braving thru cold, icy winters, Rick and his wife, Linda (Pete’s daughter), moved their family to the Topsail area. In 2001, Rick and Pete opened the doors to Alliance Construction Corp of NC, a contracting company serving the Topsail Island area.

Being enthusiastic sports fans, Rick & Pete did not like having to drive to Jacksonville or Wilmington to watch the games on a big screen TV. Because of this and the obvious need for another restaurant in the area, a deal was made in 2002 to purchase and renovate a local pub. The deal fell through and Rick & Pete decided, at that point, to purchase land and build their own place. After discussions about the location and the name, the concept for Rick’s Restaurant & Sports Bar was created.

history rick use this 300x200 HistoryThe first blueprint for Rick’s was drawn on a bar napkin, while enjoying a cold one, at a local pub in Surf City. Many hours were spent planning the layout of the restaurant. Research had to be done and Rick & Pete were quick to volunteer their time to visit restaurants, bars and pubs until they came up with what they thought was the perfect plan for a restaurant with a sports bar.

Construction began in the spring of 2003 and Rick’s officially opened on July 8th ofhistory better 150x150 History that same year. The owners, managers and staff sincerely hope that you enjoy Rick’s as much as they do. They are proud to welcome you as a member of the ever growing Rick’s family, where you will always be greeted with a smile (and a cold one)! Enjoy!

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